At PS Trade, we sell quality European standard fire prevention and fire fighting equipment.

We train the community,  business and private people in the basics of fire prevention and basic skills to fight fire.

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Fire is a good servant everyone needs...

…at home. But when it goes wild, lives and properties are destroyed.

Have you ever lost a loved one to a fire outbreak? Have you ever wished you could turn the hands of time and bring back that special person?

Due to the fires, damage to property and deaths worth millions of Ghana Cedis has been experienced.

This year (2022) alone there have been 267 fire outbreaks, that were mostly caused by electric installations and were mostly domestic.

How to avoid fire outbreaks

  1. Check after cooking that all sources of fire and heat are out. Do not overload  electrical sockets.
  2. Dispose every hazardous waste properly.
  3. Keep all ignitable  substances out of reach of children.
  4. Don‘t use phones in the kitchen.
  5. Practice caution with candles and mosquito coils.
  6. Practice with your family, especially the children a fire alarm at home.

Keep this tools in your homes and offices

  • Independent smoke alarm
  • Fire blanket for burning oil fire
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First Aid Box
  • Note with emergency call numbers

Download our free flyer with safety notice

Click the following button to download our fire prevention flyer for free. Print out the second page and place it to a perfectly visible spot in your home or office to have the important safety notice visible at all times.